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When I landed in Mexico - I didn’t know a single word of Spanish.

When I landed in Mexico - I didn’t know a single word of Spanish.

My conversation started with Hola and ended with Gracias. Everything in the middle was gibberish.

It took me 20 days of consistent learning, and today - I’m able to communicate effectively at least with my fisherman. No big deal for others, but for me - it was remarkable.

I’m rusty with the grammar, but yes - if you were to throw me in the middle of Mexico (without a Google Translator) - I will survive, have a great time, and possibly make new friends - from Spanish Speaking World.

You can study a new language or a theory of skill for multiple years, but if you aren’t practicing those skills - you will never internalize the learnings.

1. Do you want to learn how to invest in stock markets?

Pick a stock, and make an investment of a few dollars. You will yourself start analyzing news, building mental models, connecting macroeconomics trends, and building sector expertise.

2. Do you want to learn how to become a management consultant?

Do LIVE consulting assignments, and practice cases, sharpen your CV, and brainstorm with your peers to solve a problem - across the public sector, and private sector. You will get better with scoping, analysis, recommendations, and synthesis.

3. Do you want to start a new business?

Figure out a problem, and start solving it. Don't rush or be dependent on some mentorship.

The startup is everything about action. You will fail, you will pivot, but in the long run, you will succeed. There are many undergrads and dropouts who have made it big because of their obsession with DOING things.

You need to learn 20% theory for 80% outcomes.

If you can combine the 20% theory with 80% practice - you will be unbeatable. There’s absolutely no substitute for DOING things.

This post is NOT sponsored by Nike. But yes, Just Do It!


Author - Naman Shrivastava, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- United Nations, Former Government of India Advisor

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