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Everyone around told me - "You need a high GPA to make it into your dream company!"

When I began ISB MBA, everyone around told me- "You need a high GPA to make it into your dream company !"

As someone who had ranked 1 in St. Stephen's College five years earlier, I absolutely despised another GPA culture. I had learned the hard way that grades are just a part of the equation, not the complete equation itself!

And one day, during my MBA, one classmate asked, " So, Shatakshi what was your GPA in 1st term". I politely refused to engage in the conversation.

Post that, my cohort mates understood I'm the go-to person to discuss some hard life questions, connect operations to a macroeconomic problem or dig answers from Indian history for a contemporary strategy case. But, GPA was just not my thing for discussion.

Mind you, this is not to say that those who chased GPA- were wrong. GPA is an important part of the equation. It's just that I had decided that I don't want my MBA journey to be driven by a GPA mindset.

On many occasions, it took me repeated self-clarity and motivation to keep on charting on the unconventional no grade race.

The thing is grades are not the end of our lives.

Learning is!

I apply all my #MBA concepts today to real-world problems and that's what matters.

The reality is, I have started to come to terms with the last 10 years of corporate experience, that I don't necessarily fit the so-called average on conventional bell curve.

This story is to celebrate all the outliers in life who are a little crazy, a little weird, and a little nice in their own way.

Here's to us- the outliers who don't fit in❤️


Author - Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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