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The biggest secret to my career growth is that I grew up in a middle-class family..

Growing up, I had enough to derive happiness from small indulgences- munching my favorite Rs. 10/- lays or Rs. 5/- dairy milk but not enough to experience luxuries such as a car.

As someone who was fairly competitive in the classroom, #career growth and hunger for success came intrinsically- I didn't have to watch motivation videos for that.

While I have nothing against millionaire kids'- they can't be blamed for being born into rich families. In fact, I have immense respect for people who come from well-off backgrounds and perhaps I don't understand where they get their ambition from.

But I doubt if the millionaire kids' would ever get to experience the unique ambition that a middle-class Indian shares who has traveled on a scooter behind his/her parent. As a 90s kid, those experiences taught me a great deal of humility and a passion to solve something bigger for myself and society. Not sure if 10 years olds traveling via Audi today might share those emotions.

While I recognize my family had a lot more resources than millions of struggling Indians at the bottom of the pyramid, I also know that my middle-class upbringing and associated scarcity taught me the value of abundance. It set a solid foundation for me to gun for bigger in life.

So next time, you complain about your glass being half empty, you are probably missing a unique perspective in life- you are blessed to to want more.

Imagine a dull life with glass completely full perhaps without any purpose, passion, or ambition.

Many times we don't appreciate what we are born with. You may not be born with a silver spoon.

But if you belong to the middle class, you have a unique career advantage- a purpose, motivation and drive like no other !

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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