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The biggest highlight of my career is..

The biggest highlight of my career is I never settled at a single organization or role.

I studied Chemistry at St. Stephen's College, Delhi, only to realize later that I don't see myself in labs.

So, I started all over by learning cases in 2nd year and picked boutique consulting post-graduation. This time I enjoyed solving real problems but the hours, the stress, and let's just say the ethics of the organization didn't gel much with mine.

Later, in my mid-20s as I faced a quarter-life crisis, I decided to pivot completely to advise the Government of India. This time, I enjoyed the role, the ecosystem, and the mission at large. I grew the most in my 20s during this time as I worked with senior leaders and got a chance to lead a team for the first time.

After a successful stint with Government, I left it to land in the most uncomfortable role in my 20s- this time learning statistics, finance, business, and traveling internationally also during my #MBA. I learned immensely and eventually accepted to work with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as a management consultant.

Then at BCG, I learned how to build powerful conjectures- supported by strong evidence.

Just as I became comfortable with BCG, I was offered to work as a foreign policy advisor in Dubai. My world came full circle with public policy, international affairs, and consulting practice all coming in handy to my craft. I worked with an internationally diverse team while learning how politics, foreign affairs, and policy all work together!

I eventually left my well-paying advisory role to start all over again to now become an entrepreneur to move the needle on the ground. I was done advising and talking. I wanted to walk the talk finally.

My father has worked for a single public sector unit throughout his life. It made sense in his time when opportunities were limited. I, on the other hand, haven't ever felt like marrying to one idea, or one sector in my life. For me, life is too short to do just do a few things.

We as humans have evolved from traveling unknown territories, being uncomfortable, and experiencing unknown emotions- this is our core nature. It is not in our nature to get stuck.

So, next time when you are stuck, know that you are not alone. You can learn and network to reinvent yourself to experience unknown territories.

We are homo sapiens, we are built to move around!

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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