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My school life in India was terrible

My school life in India was terrible. I was terrified of exams, and the public shaming when I received my report card.

My bad grades didn’t reflect my dumb-wittedness, it reflected cancer that has plagued school education in India.

It is because of the unwarranted competition and desire to perform ‘better’ than neighbors that there is immense anxiety amongst parents and kids. And it is THIS anxiety that is being monetized by various ‘billion dollars’ so-called ‘innovative’ ed-tech startups.

There is absolutely no need to get into an abacus, programming, machine learning, ‘future’ skills - when you are so young. There is absolutely no need to spend time glued to your EdTech tablet AFTER school. You could learn those ‘hard skills’ anytime in your life.

The purpose of early education is never to teach you ‘hard’ skills. It is to teach you ‘soft’ skills. How to be collaborative, how to deal with loss, how to make responsible decisions, how to preserve your mental balance, how to deal with change, how to ask questions, how to communicate your thoughts.

Dear parents, there are no ‘future’ skills. There are ‘fundamental' skills that your kid will NEVER learn in those Live 1:1 courses of billion-dollar startups backed by VCs who only care about IRRs and multiple of invested capital.

Allow your kids to participate in competitive sports, they will learn more ON-FIELD than in classrooms.

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Author- Naman Shrivastava, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- United Nations, Former Government of India Advisor

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