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Life is unfair because a few people like me got lucky! This will change now - Reality Privilege

Life is unfair. It is so unfair that only 1% of the people experience 99% of pleasure. This 1% attend the best universities, they attend the best parties. And in true honesty, they get to live in an environment that is rich with beautiful settings, plentiful stimulation, and many fascinating people to talk to, and to work with, and to date.

In fact, one of my favorite professors at The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth has a name for it - he calls it Reality Privilege.

Everyone else lacks this! And many people will never experience such a world in their lifetime. They might blame their intelligence or lack of diligence - but in true honesty, it is their fate. They didn’t have access to the right mentors at the right age, or they simply couldn’t afford to be part of such an ecosystem.

We are now at the cusp of creating such a virtual world for our delegates, scholars, and fellows at the Global Governance Initiative. It will take us a few more months, but I am extremely excited to see the interplay of the metaverse, AR, and VR as we create an immersive online digital community experience for the members of the GGI Network.

The Global Governance Initiative will leverage technology to level the playing field between the 1% and the rest of us.

If you are interested in learning about GGI's MBA Scholar program, you can learn here.


Author- Naman Shrivastava, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- United Nations, Former Government of India Advisor

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