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It makes no sense to invest upward of 75 Lakh INR for some random courses at Harvard or Stanford..

IDK if it offends you, but it makes no sense to invest upward of 75 Lakh INR for some random courses at Harvard or Stanford.

Harvard and Stanford are some of the greatest institutions on the planet- but you will live a life of regrets and debts if you pour in your life’s savings to pursue a Master's degree in Education, Theology, or other such courses.

It is a harsh truth, but employers will prefer folks graduating from HBS, Medical School, Law School, HKS, and Engineering Program - over folks pursuing random courses just for the ‘brand’ recognition.

P.S. This post is for Middle-Class Indians - who aren’t sponsored by their organizations, or their family.

Work hard, and apply to Engineering, Policy, Medicine, and Business Schools if you are ‘dreaming’ of a foreign degree. Your education loan will become a headache. Period.

Whether you like it or not -

1. Top VC funds that invest in Education startups (hire MBAs, not folks from HGSE).

2. Education Companies - such as Education Pioneers and the ilks are now hiring MBAs, MPA-ID (and in some cases Engineers, and lawyers over grads from Education School).

Niche programs are ‘cash cows’ for top schools. And employers know that.

All the very best to all those who are kick-starting their grad school journey in August! It will be fun, stressful, and exciting.

Hit me up, if you need any help - when in Boston!


1. Some have misconstrued the post, and have personally messaged me that I'm against Liberal Arts Degrees. WRONG. In fact, we do have extensive masterclasses at Global Governance Initiative - where we teach Philosophy, Psychology, and Ethics and how these subjects tie to the world of Business, Public Policy, and Technology. It is extremely important that the leaders that come out of GGI are well versed not in the world of Business, Data Analytics, or Public Policy - but also in the world of communication, critical thinking, philosophy, and history.

2. 70 Lakh is a humongous sum of money for middle-class Indians. I don't want these kids to be misguided to pour in all the money in pursuit of courses in the name of 'passion'. If you are really passionate about these courses - the world has ample free resources at disposal.

A close reading of 20 books - along with significant actual experience will teach you more than what these niche degrees will impart in the foreign land in gated classrooms.

3. Pursuing a master's degree isn't just a financial decision, it is also an emotional decision. Families are involved, and many parents might pour in their entire savings to support your south Bombay-style' passion'. They should be cognizant of the practical outcomes of such courses.

Inability to secure jobs after grad school is a frustrating experience (especially when you have a huge loan).

Please secure scholarship/sponsorships, or apply to Indian Alternatives - if you are really passionate about pursuing such degrees.

If you are interested in learning about GGI's MBA Scholar program, you can learn here.


Author- Naman Shrivastava, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- United Nations, Former Government of India Advisor

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