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If you have 1 dollar, and are in your 20s- where should you invest it?

So if you have 1 dollar, and are in your 20s- where should you invest it?

Unlike popular opinions on the internet about investing in public markets, invest largest proportion of your salary in your learning and development.

I am not saying this because I am the founder of an education venture.

I'm saying this with an honest belief as I grew exponentially financially, professionally, and personally in my 20s because of over-indexing on my learning and surrounding myself in good communities at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the Government of India, and Indian School of Business.

I went out of the way to hunt good work opportunities, learnt salary negotiations, invested in my #GMAT prep, worked with a few of the top CEOs in this country, and surrounded myself with motivated professionals.

Growth is a subjective term and is much more than financial in nature. You learn, build perspectives and grow holistically in life when you invest in yourself first! I'm not against investing in public markets.

In fact, I invest part of my savings in Index funds as SIP. But, at 30, I operate on a much bigger numerical base.

And if you do the Math right- 7% CAGR over a small numerical base in the long term won't serve you as well financially as much as focus on increasing that numerical base will!

I support financial investing and respect finance influencers in this country. But go and check their backgrounds first. Most of them come from excellent work and academic backgrounds. They must have invested in their skills before getting where they are.

So, don't mindlessly buy investing narrative out of FOMO. Focus on skilling and self-development first.

I understand the impatience that accompanies us when we are in our 20s to get better returns.

I have worked almost 13 hours every day during my 20s and still do.

And trust me when I say this, there is no shortcut to wealth creation


Author - Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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