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I worked for a client at BCG who had built business from bootstrapped money to a multi-crore venture

I once worked for a client at BCG who had built an infra goods business from bootstrapped money to a multi-crore venture.

Out of all my projects, this organization and the CEO were inspirational for me. Here is why-

It took them 25 years to have multi-crore business lines. However, in the first 8 years of their existence, they were almost no one in the market.

Most of the value was created post the initial eight years of hustle. Just soak that in !

The harsh reality is great things take time.

I mean sure there are folks who get lucky. But how many of us have heard about lottery winners often losing it all in the initial year itself.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs often struggle for years before making it really big. We typically don't get to hear about the raw and unfiltered fight one puts before the world applauds.

Worthy things take their own time. Don't fret just because your peers are grabbing dream jobs and getting bigger paychecks faster than you. Everyone has their own unique journey.

Probably the one who seems to get lucky today, hustled for years before you even started, because of which they now "seem" to get lucky. It is ok to take your time. There is no rush.

And when anxiety hits you, don't forget it took someone eight years to crack the formula as it took me 5 years to get into BCG, post my undergrad. And trust me I'm so glad I didn't get it earlier because the journey in between allowed me to experiment and explore so many newer paths and meet so many beautiful people on the way that I wouldn't have otherwise met :)

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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