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I failed to crack BCG at 21

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I failed to crack BCG at 21.

I couldn't clear the GMAT in a single attempt at 24.

I failed to clear an Ivy League MBA interview at 27.

However, looking back now that I'm 30-

I got to work for the UK Prime Minister, solve interesting problems at BCG, study at ISB, launch my own impact venture, marry the love of my life, and travel to various geographies all this while maintaining my health.

I hope you'll forgive me if this sounds boastful. To be honest, there was nothing legendry about my career in my 20s. I still have plenty of unachieved dreams. However, looking back at those years, I believe I accomplished something very rare: I fulfilled my potential.

A potential realized through-

1. Aiming big

2. Surrounding myself with competitive folks, and

3. By putting myself out there everyday and just continuous #learning

As we move closer to the end of 2021, sharing a leaf from my book with an honest hope and belief that 2022 can help you achieve your unfilled potential as well !

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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