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I am not a huge fan of resume'. Cover letter is what I like.

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I am not a huge fan of resume'. Cover letter is what I like.

Three reasons, why:

1. Background-At BCG, we focus heavily on building differentiation strategies for our clients to win market share. Similarly, you need differentiation strategy while applying for jobs.

2. Stat vs Story-Everyone has a statistic and a story attached to them. Treat your resume' as a stat while cover letter as your chance to weave an inspiring story. Statistics are about your college and GPA. They are standardized.

Stories on the other hand are powerful because they are unique to you and honestly tough to identify and articulate.

They are about your background, unique challenges and ability to dream big. In true honesty, at GGI we open cover letters first of delegates and don't even look at resume' if the former looks bad.

3. Action-During the current challenging job market, if you'd make lousy efforts you'd get lousy results. Identifying stories take time and that's why good cover letters stand out as differentiation strategy during job hunt.

You can UP your game and send strong signal from being a stat to a story in the applicant files pile if you know who you are and what you want from life !

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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