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During one of my Harvard Classes, the person sitting next to me was a 26 years old multimillionaire

He had worked in Bain & Company and thereafter dabbled into F&O trading amongst other things (where he made his fortunes).

He audited my class for four weeks, and I was naively dazzled by his millionaire stature.

After classes, we gallivanted around Cambridge Restaurants and Pubs meeting other important people from his own country. I found it exciting, and I enjoyed the feeling that I was entering these rarefied social circles.

Observing him had a profound impact on me because I could see very clearly the reason why he was so successful, calm, and composed at such a young age.

He was always a giver. Whenever he met someone he would try to do something for them. It might simply be a sincere compliment or an introduction to someone else.

Before meeting him, I would approach networking events, meet a stranger, and wonder how they could help me. It is repulsive.

You should always avoid an agenda-driven approach to networking. Sadly, many young professionals fall into that trap by always being a taker.


Author- Naman Shrivastava, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- United Nations, Former Government of India Advisor

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