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During my 1st job, my boss often called me at random hours asking about my whereabouts?

During my 1st job, my boss often called me at random hours asking about my whereabouts?

Given I was staffed alone as a consultant by this boutique consulting firm, the implicit understanding was I should be first one to reach office and the last to leave.

Though most of my peers absolutely despised this culture rooted in distrust, no one dared speaking up against it because of early days in our careers.

Eventually, I was left tired and dead by the time I hit bed post work every day.

It was not just during my time at this firm, but I have witnessed similar work culture in many public and private sector exposures I had in my career.

And the impact?

I have suffered from migraine, back pain, sleeplessness, and work anxiety in my 20s. I have been stuck in jams for hours. My relationships have taken a toll.

It is not that I mind being in office but I despised lack of freedom associated with my career. And that is why I slowly started working towards being a digital Nomad four years ago. And the pandemic accelerated it.

Today as luck would have it, I can work out of anywhere- be it in Boston or Mexico. I work 13 hours from anywhere, surf on the beach in the evening, and spend time with my loved ones without guilt. I build in-person communities with locals and digitally with my team members.

I am healthier, more grounded, and frankly less stressed too.

That's also the prime reason why we created a similar work culture for my team at GGI. We don't care from where and what time they work- as long as the impact is made (we are obsessed about it).

While I understand not everyone may be as lucky as I have been.

But in retrospect, I should have politely asked my employer for more flexible work policies. If you are reading this, find a means to do so!

Digital Nomad is a real thing and the ones who experience it are going to last longer, better and happier❤️.


Author - Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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