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A few years ago, I was in my office and waiting for my Uber driver for a pick up.

As time passed, I got restless and kept checking his location again and again. And since it was peak traffic time, the driver took even more time than estimated. After some time, out of frustration I decided to call him up and enquire what's taking him so long.

So when the driver finally arrived, I reached downstairs only to realize there was some mismatch in the GPS. The driver was standing 7 minutes away from my exact location. At this moment, in the scorching Delhi heat, I decided to walk finally to his location.

This is a 7 years old story. But how many of us resonate with this even today of becoming restless with new age innovations. Innovations which provide us transportation, food, healthcare all at our doorsteps.

So, why do we become impatient. Here's why-

The Instagram, Netflix and Tiktoks of the world have made us more impatient, more lonely and more anxious than any generation ever.

We are living in a world when messages are delivered free of cost in seconds. But when an AC high class uber shows 5 minutes late, we get anxious because we are forced to believe that we are rushed.

We are rushed to complete the next thing. We are always in "Nexting" mode- always looking to watch the next movie, read the next article, complete the next task, and so on.

To override this nexting behavior, we need a mindful presence- which meditation, walks and pauses without mobile can solve.

Today, if my Uber is delayed. I absolutely love it because that means I get 2 more minutes to talk to the person I was meeting. That means I get to be present in the moment and enjoy it for some more time.

If we keep on getting frustrated that our 30 minutes delivery is delayed by 10 minutes rather than appreciate the innovation, then the saddest reality about our generation is that we are the most entertained but the most anxious, depressed and stressed generation ever.

As a generation while it is good to be efficient, there is a beautiful joy in waiting and not watching our phones after every 5 minutes.

Trust me you will become a more pleasant person and so would the the world around you.

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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