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10 Job Mistakes to avoid in your Career

I have made multiple mistakes in my career and didn't have enough guidance starting out. I'm sharing this with the hope that someone reading this, might be able to avoid them to advance his/her career!

So, here's the list of my 10 mistakes-

A- Relationship Mistakes

1. Taking Impulsive decisions

I am guilty of impulsive decision-making, especially during my early 20s. Now I take slow decisions. Every time, you are emotionally charged up, know that you need to delay your decision.

2. Not ending on a good note

I didn't end well with my 1st employer because I just wanted it to get over and I regret that. I understand that employers can be painful during notice period. But I'm also sure if things are handled well, you can end well because people talk!

3. Gossiping

Gossip is the no. 2 reason for poor productivity in organizations. Today, as a Co-CEO, I don't take gossip mongers lightly in my venture. Try to avoid being bitten by getting involved in this.

B- #Learning Mistakes

4. Not finding new opportunities

Promotions don't go to those who 'only' do what is asked of them. Identify valuable 'work opportunities' and deliver that extra 'value', to stand out and get promoted.

5. Taking pride in the Effort

This is a classic rookie young professional mistake- taking pride in efforts and not the outcome. If your analysis doesn't help solve the problem, then the efforts were almost futile!

6. Not learning before starting a new role

When I joined as a #Policy Advisor at Tony Blair Institute in Dubai, I read all about the economy and, politics, helping me immensely to have a relatively smoother joining. I didn't do this with my 1st role.

Avoid showing up for a new employer without your H.W.

7. Not getting periodic #feedback

The projects on which I have failed to deliver were the ones where I didn't take regular feedback. It is your responsibility and not your boss's to give you feedback!

8. Not speaking up

No one in a good organization wants a 'Yes Ma'am/Yes Sir' person. People who truly grow are the ones who have a point of view, backed by data. Take the effort to build your point of view at work.

C- Financial Mistakes

9. Not asking for a #Promotion

I didn't get promotions during my initial career because I was afraid, of how would I look if I ask for promotions. And when I did, I got them. If you have gone above and beyond, there shouldn't be shame in asking for a promotion.

10. Not negotiating your #salary

If you had good interviews and are confident of your abilities, request a higher salary. It works.


This is my list and what may be a mistake for me may not be for you and vice-versa.

I am sharing a leaf from my book after working with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the Indian Government, and Tony Blair Institute, to help someone out there who may be stuck in his/her career.

In the end, there is no single path to success.

I am also on my way.

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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