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Pet health prd

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Today's fast paced world pets are not just animals; they are cherished members of our families. As responsible pet owners, ensuring the health and well-being of our furry, feathered, or scaled companions is a top priority. With the advent of technology, it's time for pet healthcare to take a giant leap forward. Introducing the Pet Health App, a revolutionary solution designed to empower pet owners and veterinarians alike in providing the best possible care for our beloved pets. That is why we came up with an application where you can schedule for appointments get feeds for nutrition and health tips necessary for humans best friend a dog.

When we talked to each other we realized how little we know what works best for our pet buddies.

We started by brainstorming a list of all the things that people need to consider when it comes to a pet's style. We quickly realized that there were a lot of moving parts and that it could be overwhelming for someone who was owning a pet for the first time. So we decided to focus on creating an app that would help people with the most important aspects of trip planning.

We decided to focus on making an app for helping people have all the resources for taking care of a pet.

2.Scoping of the problem

To find out the pain points we conducted user research of by structuring interviews and surveys related to accessing health medical records, scheduling medical records understanding medical jargon and enhancing communication between veterinarians and pet owners

Number of interviews taken -18 +

Surveys taken 40+

2.1Analysis based on interviews and surveys

We conducted extensive user interviews as well surveys across various age groups to understand the difficulties faced by pet owners. The questions revolved around pet health, travel and nutrition. We narrowed down to the research that pet owners had a tough time related to medical records. Our research consists a blend of first time time pet owners and multiple pet owners.

We have explained different aspects of the survey supporting challenges faced by pet owners.


Understanding Medical records:

●  75% people found that it is important to understand medical records to drive decisions about what is good for their pets.

●  43 % people found it challenging to understand jargons in medical records.

●  46 % people agreed that they received incomplete information from the vet which is very difficult to understand especially when you are a new pet owner.

Maintaining Medical records:

●  34% of the people found difficulty maintaining medical records in paper trails.

●  60 % of the people found it difficult to access medical records when there is an emergency health situation with their pet.

●  43 % of the owners found difficulty in tracking medical records for multiple pets.

●  40% of the pet owners found it difficult to manage records for pets with different vets and clinic.

As we see the pet owners are facing difficulties to understand medical records and also manage them we went a little deeper to understand with both these barriers how are the understanding about vaccines and what is best for their pets.

●  As you can see 84% of the pet owners ares still relying on guidance from vets and breeders for information related to vaccines.

●  59.1% people had to go through there medical records to track vaccines.

Issues for Pet health

Problems faced

Understanding  medical records

●       75% people found that it is important to understand medical records

○       43 % people found it challenging to understand jargons

○       46 % people agreed that they received incomplete information from the vet r

Maintaining medical records

●       60 % of the people found it difficult to access medical records pet

○       43 % found difficulty in tracking medical records for multiple pets

○       40% faced difficulty managing multiple records from multiple clinics

○       34% found it difficult to maintain paper trails of records

Information related to Vaccines

●       80% rely on breeders and vets

○       60 % need to go through records to track vaccines

3.User Tailored Problem Statement:

Problem Statement: Enhancing Pet Health Management

Pet owners encounter significant challenges in maintaining medical records, understanding health jargon and tracking vaccines. We intend to build a pet health app to make the journey of a user seamless to access these information and keep them up to date regarding dog health and ensure happiness for man's best friend.

Summarizing Challenges:

Inefficient Health Records Management:

Current State: Pet owners struggle to organize and store their pets' medical records effectively.

Consequence: Retrieving critical health information during emergencies or routine check-ups becomes a cumbersome task.

Tracking Medical Records:

Current State: Pet owners face difficulties in tracking vaccination schedules, medication history, and overall health trends.

Consequence: Essential healthcare tasks such as vaccinations and timely medications are prone to being overlooked, impacting the pet's well-being.

Understanding Complex Medical Records:

Current State: Medical records are often complex and not user-friendly for pet owners without a medical background.

Consequence: Interpreting medical jargon becomes a barrier, hindering pet owners from making informed decisions about their pets' health.

Lack of Decision-Support Tools:

Current State: Pet owners lack tools that provide intelligent insights from medical records to guide decision-making.

Consequence: Making accurate decisions about the pet's health, such as choosing the right vaccination or understanding potential health risks, is challenging.

4.Solutions and Features

We aim to develop a one-of-a-kind pet health management solution that addresses these challenges comprehensively. The app will streamline the process of storing and organizing pet medical records, ensuring quick accessibility whenever needed, wherever needed. It will also contain a robust tracking system for vaccination schedules, medication history, and other health metrics, minimizing the risk of oversight from the owner or the clinic.

The envisioned product will:






User should be able to see medical records for multiple pets and across multiple vets




User should be able to schedule appointment within the application




User should get notification for vaccines upcoming appointments




A news feed to get more information related to pet health from across the world



5.User flow  - steps to go through


Existing User


6.Success Metrics

●   Number of Downloads: This will help us understand the reach of the application across user groups and regions. Count of app downloads from app stores (Google Play, Apple App Store).

●   Monthly Active Users (MAU): Calculating all the unique users for a given month.This is an important metric as the frequency of pet app will be well defined based on monthly rather than daily as we dont expect the user to come on daily basis.

●   Session Length: The average duration of a user's session within the app.Thiis will help us understand the engagement with our application. We can calculate by dividing the total duration of all sessions by  total number of session.

●   Growth Data Entries per User: The average number of growth data entries made by each user. Total number of growth data entries / Total number of active users.

Feature success metrics

●   Health Records Added: Count of all health records added by users.

●   Reminders Set:  The number of reminders set by users.

Meet The Thought Leader

Kshitij is a Mentor at GGI and is currently working as a Senior Product Manager @Betterhelp. After doing his Engineering from Delhi Kshitij went on to work with ZS Associates & then commenced his journey of working with Impact making startups in Silicon Valley (Tesla, Invoice2go,etc.).


Meet The Authors (GGI Fellows)

A seasoned consultant specializing in analytics within the sustainability domain, currently contributing my expertise at IBM. I earned my 2-year MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta in 2020.

A Lead Solution Architect with specialization in analytics and product. After doing engineering in India, did my Master's from University of Illinois and working in Supply Chain focused startup. Intending to make an impact by transitioning into product management.

Manager at HCLTECH having 13+ years of experience in Service and Operations


If you are interested in applying to GGI's Impact Fellowship program, you can access our application link here.


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