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India vs China, USA, Pakistan? Who will WIN

Career Insights by GGI is a new series by GGI sharing hacks and tips around management consulting, MBA, product management and public policy.

In this GGI career insight, we will be sharing insights into: the hard, soft and structural power of India, China, the USA, the UK, Pakistan and Russia.


Have you ever wondered if India, China, the USA and Pakistan, were to go to battle, who would win?

We have computed, analysed and have an answer on who will come out on top. This kind of analysis will come in really handy in your policy consulting, management consulting and UPSC journey.

All 6 countries have nuclear weapons, thus they are high on the power index.

This analysis will have 3 parameters- economic, military and social.

1. Human Development Index

From top to bottom, the ranking of these countries is as follows- UK, USA, Russia, China, India and Pakistan.

2. GDP per Capita (PPP Adjusted)

In the category, the states are positioned as USA, UK, and Russia on the top and China, India and Pakistan at the bottom.

3. GDP in Million

The ranks here are- USA, China, UK followed by India, Russia and Pakistan.

4. GINI Coefficient (Poverty and Income Inequality Index)

Here, the top ranks are Pakistan, UK, and India. Then at the bottom, there is Russia, China and the USA at the bottom.

5. GDP Growth

The top rank goes to India. The following rank holders are China, the UK, Pakistan, the USA and Russia.

6. Ease of doing business

The countries are ranked as follows- the USA, the UK, Russia, China, India and Pakistan.

7. Unemployment Rates

The countries on the top are UK, Russia and China. Whereas those on the bottom are USA, India and Pakistan.

8. Government debt as percentage of GDP

The best country in this respect is Russia. This is followed by India, Pakistan, The USA and The UK. We couldn’t find the data for China.

9. Military Spend

Unsurprisingly, the top countries are the USA, China and India. Next, there is Russia, UK and Pakistan.

10. Infrastructure

This could be anything ranging from railroads to internet penetration.

The ranks are as follows- the USA, Russia, China, India, the UK and Pakistan.

11. Democracy Index

This includes factors such as freedom of media, free and fair elections, etc.

Here, the UK, USA and India are at the top and Pakistan, Russia and China at the bottom.

12. Corruption Index

The top country on this index is the UK. This means that there is less corruption in the country.

Next on the index are the USA, China, India, Russia and Pakistan.

13. Government expenditure on education

The top country is India followed by Russia, the UK, the USA, Pakistan and China.

14. World Happiness Index

The happiest people amongst these countries can be found in USA, UK, and China. Whereas, those at the bottom of the index are Russia, Pakistan and India.

15. Female labour force participation

Interestingly, the top most position goes to Russia. This is followed by the UK, USA, China, Pakistan and India.

GGI Fellows conducted a research where they found out that women in the agricultural sector got educated and upskilled, but due to their inability to get a job, they remain unemployed.

16. CO2 emission per capita

Pakistan, India and UK are at the top. Whereas China, Russia and the USA are at the bottom. ‘

17. World Peace Countries

This tells you about the stability and terrorist activity taking place in the country.

The ranks are as follows- USA, UK, China, India, Pakistan and Russia.

Now, that we have done a detailed analysis, you must be wondering what is the final answer.

Drum rolls, the final ranking is-

  1. USA

  2. China

  3. UK

  4. India

  5. Russia

  6. Pakistan

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Author: Shatakshi Sharma, Co-CEO Global Governance Initiative, Ex-BCG Management Consultant, Former Policy Advisor, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

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