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It is often said that the forty-hour workweek is a relic of the industrial age. Knowledge workers function like athletes - train, and sprint, then rest and reassess. 

The Young Leaders program at GGI Impact Lab is designed for the 'knowledge athletes' of the modern world who want to escape competition through "authenticity", and build careers in the world of Policy, Consulting, and Product Management. 

The essential transformational experience is designed for all those - who want to intertwine the theories and practice of learning at their own pace. Young Leaders learn intricate concepts and apply those concepts - as they make mistakes, learn, and grow in a virtual consulting and product management Internship.  

Our Young Leaders arrive at the Global Governance Initiative with professional experience and career aspirations as diverse as they are. While each Young Leader cultivates their own path to what comes next professionally, the impeccable Impact Lab ecosystem provides tools, resources, and support to empower these leaders to identify and reach their goals. 

policy , consulting & pm internship program 

The Impact Lab YLP is a one-of-a-kind technology-driven essential program at GGI that has redefined the business school experience. Here, you'll be pushed and challenged by best-in-class faculty and supported by an AI tool in an environment unlike anywhere else at a fraction of a cost. 

The entire 3- 6 months experiential program is designed in 5 stages. 



At GGI, we are thoroughly convinced that "Foundations are key". Stage 1 focuses on building essential business foundations - where YLPs are provided exclusive access to MBA in 10 minutes series by Ex BCG Consultant. These are recorded videos that will walk you through the core skills across Finance, Statistics, Marketing, Branding, Operations. These Foundational Skills are regularly tested in the consulting/product/marketing/finance interviews. 


The advance upskilling stage will ensure that the young leaders are a billion times better prepared than their counterparts to tackle the uncertainty of consulting interviews. In this stage, young leaders will have exclusive access to the Trinity Learning Experience - where they will learn the application of Basic Skills of stage 1  by Mckinsey Partners. In this stage, YLPs will be provided exclusively recorded access to the masterclasses taken by giants of the management consulting industry - including the former CEO of McKinsey & Company. The advanced upskilling stage will also prepare YLPs with a macro-perspective about the industry by the Partners who might even end up interviewing them. 

Stage 3: Consulting Style Internship


In order to 'crack consulting or product interviews', it is imperative that young leaders go beyond solving 'regular cases'. The Virtual AI-Driven Internship is designed to allow young leaders to experience the thrill and adventure of solving problems of the United Nations, International Governments, and a big conglomerate. It is this unique experience that allows young leaders to apply the concepts learned in stage 1 and stage 2 in a practical setting.

The diligent completion of this stage has directly assisted many GGI Alumni to get into full-fledged consulting and PM roles.

Stage 4: Buddies 


The heart of the Global Governance Initiative is Community. During your time as an Impact Lab, Young Leader, you will be nudged to collaborate with buddies - where you can learn the best practices, or discuss the mistakes you made during your AI Case-Based Internship. You can also collaborate 'outside' of the GGI 'nudges' and collaborate with other buddies - as and when you become part of the community - via social media groups or networking nights. 

Stage 5:  Networking Nights


No matter how professionally successful you are, or how 'networked' you are - as long as you don't have a community to cherish and celebrate your successes or be your sounding board at times of failures - many aspects of life will remain hollow. And therefore, young Leaders will also attend networking events - where they will meet the new members of the growing YLP community. 

Please note- Unlike the GGI's Flagship GGI Scholars and Fellows Program, the entire Impact Lab, YLP experience is virtual. YLPs do not have access to live masterclasses, office hours, live projects. YLPs will not be provided access to education and employment partnerships that GGI has established or will establish in the future. It is to be duly noted, the entire program is virtual and highly selective. The selection rate is usually higher for YLPs in comparison to other flagship GGI programs - that are considered to be more prestigious, highly selective, and more personalized. 


you learn along with diverse community who adds to your perspective 

GGI Impact Lab, Young Leaders community comprises an extremely diverse cohort - from current students at prestigious engineering universities to highly qualified professionals in the domain of Product Management and Finance. They are working professionals in organizations such as IIM-B, ICICI Bank, KPMG, Axis Bank, Microsoft, and other leading organisations.


Earn a Digital Certificate  
(When you complete consulting and PM virtual internship you’ll earn a digital certificate to share with prospective employers and your professional network)

Connect with likeminded peers 
(This Program puts community and budies at the centre. You’ll receive instructions from the GGI team on buddy pairing and will get to brainstorm solutions with them).

Do it in your own time 
(Fit the program in with your busy schedule. Learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals)

Gain real work experience 
(Throughout the program, you’ll develop deep insights into what it is actually like to work at GGI, Impact Lab)

Discover if this career is for you
(Nearly 50% of the hours you are awake are spent at work. Discover if this is the right career path for you)

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