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Why  GGI Impact Lab 

India students lost their hold on education due to coronavirus lockdown due to lack of IT infrastructure, teacher training etc.


These testing times will create a shift from investing to ‘impact’ investing, from growth to ‘inclusive’ growth, from innovation to ‘inclusive’ innovation.


In order to make the education ecosystem more inclusive and course content more relevant for the college students - GGI has launched the GGI Impact Lab. GGI impact labs, President Program is created in higher education institutes-  If you are a current student of any of these colleges, and interested in leading the GGI impact Lab as the President, please apply.  

Please note GGI Impact Lab, Young Leaders Program is our separate upskilling transformational program (details of which are on the home page)

About GGI Impact Lab 

GGI Impact Lab is the flagship change makers program of Global Governance Initiative and pro bono development consulting arm of GGI, where undergraduate college students across the world curate, design, and implement cutting-edge impactful projects. around school education.  

We have today created a high-quality ecosystem of leading NGOs and Centre Government's being advised by top GGI Labs thereby bringing synergies between NGOs, creating a transformational impact in the school education ecosystem.  


Our working members have designed their own projects in the Impact Lab. With the Impact Lab’s support, they are launching these projects at their institutes on topics such as enhancing the quality of school teacher digital training in India, increasing the foothold of after-school clubs, transforming NGO volunteer strategy, expanding services portfolio and enhancing the digital footprint of school NGOs to raise retail funding by working with below-mentioned clients. 

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