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#30DaysMBAChallenge: 30 Days to a learn about MBA

Enable, Enrich and Elevate your skills, explore and learn with Global Governance Initiative’s “MBA Month Challenge”

When you are an MBA Aspirant, constant learning is a vital activity of your transformational process. And the key to constant fruitful learning is to explore, experience, perform, and connect.

We at Global Governance Initiative are always strategizing on how to fuel passion and provide the best of what the program has to offer.


We are starting a new series of experiential learning – #30DaysMBAChallenge

This challenge series stretches over a period of 1 month and is all about learning the fundamentals of an MBA and leveraging them to gain corporate experience. And all this while, connect with the ever-growing community of GGIians on our social media handles and flaunt what you learn.


How it Works

  • Save a copy of this calendar webpage.

  • If you’re following along with us on Instagram and LinkedIn, we’ll be adding new Instagram stories with your daily prompts. (You can also catch these in our highlights.)

  • You’ll have a new task every weekday, and you’ll have all weekend to finish Friday’s task.

  • We’ve got a mix of tasks to help you learn, that encourage you to connect with your community and help you build healthy habits in your working life.

  • Don’t forget to keep us up to date on your progress! Use #30DaysMBAChallenge and tag us @GlobalGovernanceInitiative on your favorite platforms, to interact with us and your fellow challenge-takers!




Day 1: Share Your Intentions on social media

Announce to the world your intentions to become a better version of yourself. Tell us, and your fellow challenge-takers, what you hope to gain by the end of the month.

Don’t forget to tag us when you share the same!


Day 2: Talk about yourself

Tell the community who you are, where you come from, and where you want to be in the next 5 years. Highlight your 3 major skills or talents and show the world what you have to offer.


Day 3: Deliberate on ‘Why MBA’

Take out some ME time and think about why MBA is your dream degree. What do you plan to achieve through this domain and what impact do you want to make?


Day 4: MBA: But Which One?

Well, MBA is a broad degree that encompasses various departmental specializations. Tell us which one gives you the rush and why so?


Day 5-7: Read a new Management book

Your first weekend of the challenge! You’ve got three whole days ahead of you, use them wisely.

This weekend, you’re going to pick up a book and spend some time with it.



Day 8: Read and explore a new concept


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

In the age of the internet, there is no limit to what new you can learn. Take out some time to learn anything you’d like. The topic can be anything related to Macroeconomics, Trade theories, Marketing Strategies, or any business hot topic, etc.


Day 9: Read and explore a new concept

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

In the age of the internet, there is no limit to what new you can learn. Take out some time to learn anything you’d like. The topic can be anything related to Macroeconomics, Trade theories, Marketing Strategies, or any business hot topic, etc.


Day 10: Watch Out!

Well again, thanks to the internet, you can learn as well as understand some tricky concepts with relative ease. YouTube videos can be banked upon for the task.

This day, understand the much talked about ‘Game Theory’


Day 11: Try storytelling

 The skill to communicate and tell a story to capture maximum attention is one of the biggest strengths of a consultant. Storytelling also helps you to advertise yourself to your future employers.

Read how you can leverage this skill via a powerful tool called – Cover Letter.


Day 12:  The Decision – MBA in India or Abroad

When deciding on MBA, one of the toughest challenges is to decide on the place.

Listing the pros and cons of your options, a check of the ranks and career opportunities, and assessing the financial requirement could lead to a well-thought decision. Check out this video for more assistance


Tell us which country is your choice for an MBA and why. Don’t forget to tag us.


Day 13-15: Manager for a day

This weekend, take out some time, put on your management hat, and dive in.

  • What is your dream company that you want to work for and why?

  • Write down your mission statement as a manager for that company? What do you plan to achieve and how?

Share your answers with us and interact with like-minded individuals



Day 16:  Watch a talk on something new to you

There’s bound to be something you know absolutely nothing about. It could be something that’s always a hot topic, like growth hacking or it could be something more of the moment, like how to lead in a time of crisis.

Now is the time to level up with something you’ve never learning about before.


Day 17: Try a new tool you’ve never used before

Let’s face it, the tools at one’s disposal in these tech times are myriad!

Today, spend a little time either training yourself on a tool that you use, but not very often and not very well, or a brand-new tool you’ve never touched before.


Day 18: Spend 30 minutes learning a new skill

If there’s a new skill you’ve been wanting to learn, spend 30 minutes diving into it. 30 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but it’ll show you how manageable 30 minutes of learning can be. This is the first step toward building sustainable learning habits.



Day 19: The Art of Interviews

Interviews can seem daunting and hard to crack. Give this day to find out the best practices to help you in your interview process.

Check out these videos for assistance.


Day 20-22: Try ‘active rest’

Nearly done! This weekend, take a break.

Rest is just as important for professionals as work. You can’t give 100% of yourself if you’re only running on half a tank. Be good to your body, and your body will be good to you.

Do whatever relaxes you and puts you in a positive headspace.




Day 23: Finances done right

Well-managed finances and increasing profits are always the desired goals for an organization. But what happens when things go south?

Watch this video from our series – MBA in 10 Minutes and share your key learning.


Day 24: $1 Earning

Today, let's get a taste of statistics and investment and comprehend the practicality and not just the concepts.

Don’t forget to share your learnings from today!


Day 25: Hire or Fire

People are the biggest and most important assets of a company.

Let’s learn how onboarding and lay-offs work in a corporate setting and share our insights as well as advice.


Day 26: Making Money

Profits are the fuel for a business. It is what keeps them motivated and it is what the risk is all for.

Learn how businesses make profits and tell us which one was your learning highlight


Day 27: The Government

Government plays a vital role in the business process. Its interference is sometimes necessary while at times isn’t appreciated. Today, let's understand the nuances behind this scenario.


Day 28: The Marketing Match

Marketing is important! You cannot just produce and expect people to buy. Marketing strategies give them the reason to buy, which ultimately generates the fuel i.e., profits.

Tell us which one of the many marketing strategies is your favorite and why?



Day 29: Reflect & Share

Reflect on your journey of 30-day learning. Tell us what were your main takeaways and share your insights on the challenge!


Day 29: GGI Impact MBA Scholar

Explore our Impact MBA Scholar Program if you are an MBA enthusiast, passionately looking forward to being the best version of yourself!

Why GGI Impact MBA Scholar?

GGI Impact MBA has created an Ivy League MBA outcome at 1/1000th of the cost.

1. You learn from Industry Leaders: The top CXOs write their own business cases, and teach core Business Concepts via designing a case-based learning ecosystem.

2. You advance your careers and salaries by getting recruited by top employers: GGI has forged strong partnerships with leading consulting, public policy, product management, and impact investing organizations.

3. You become part of a global community - This global community represents powerful internationally diverse leaders who are at the helm of leading organizations. And this community helps each other out - not just in referring you to your first job, but in navigating a thriving career or in building your startups.

4. Global Recognition: GGI MBA was globally featured by Poets and Quants as the world’s most disruptive Alt MBA program. It was also recognized by BCG Global Media for its learning outcomes.


For more details and application, visit -



Happy learning and growing. Don’t forget to tag us while you share your amazing work!

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